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A1398/A1425/A1465/A1466 SSD to SATA Adapter For MacBook Air Pro A1398/A1425/A1465/A1466 (Mid 2012,Late 2012)

SSD to SATA Adapter For MacBook Air Pro A1398 A1425 A1465 A1466 (Mid 2012,Late 2012)

GHS224.00 GHS324.00

The adapter card is used the following model SSD solid-state drives:

  • 2012 version of the apple PRO RETINA A1425 A1398 / MC975 MC976 MD212 MD213 ME662 ME664 ME665
  • 2012 version of the apple AIR A1465 A1466 MD223 MD224 MD231 MD213 MD232

Note :

  • SSD put way, SSD interfaces to narrow side up, wide edge at the bottom, that is to say, SSD label inserting interface on the face, connecting plate is inserted into the direction of identity, in the picture above is APPLE RETINA with solid-state drives, in the picture below is APPLE APPLE AIR with hard drive, two hard disks have different length, as long as the locking screws at the end of the move.
  • SSD installed, can be directly fixed on the desktop drives a position, because the width of the adapter plate with the thickness of the 3.5 -inch drive is the same, so can be a perfect match
  • If you have 2.5 to 3.5 hard disk stents, very convenient also fixed, as long as the transfer of two fixed screw from middle to the edge.
  • 2012 new apple laptop A1465 / A1466 / A1435 / A1436 dedicated SSD SSD adapter card, into a 3.5 -inch SATA interface, used in desktop computers, SATA3 interface, switching version using high-capacity solid-state capacitors, high power “chip, let your SSD work steady and fast!
  • This adapter card only applies to 2012, the new apple laptop with solid-state drives, paragraphs 2011/2010 with 2012 SSD rough look more similar, actually interface is not the same.